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LoRaWAN External Probe Temperature Sensor for Indoor Use (1 Pk)

This indoor temperature sensor measures temperature using an external temperature probe. Ideal for food service, cold chain monitoring, restaurants, laboratory monitoring, server rooms, and warehouses.

LoRaWAN Wireless Temperature Sensors are designed to accurately detect ambient air temperature or humidity and use air flow to measure levels.  LoRaWAN® sensors for air temperature are available for both indoor and outdoor/industrial use. 


  • Food Service
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Buildings, Restaurants, Retail
  • Laboratory Monitoring
  • Server Room Monitoring
  • Warehouse Monitoring

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The MultiTech Sensors are long-range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) that utilize the LoRaWAN® wireless standard and are engineered for long-range, and extended battery life applications, all at an affordable cost.

The LoRaWAN wireless temperature sensors are designed with an open architecture for flexible integration, and an optional web-based console for provisioning, monitoring, and configuring the sensors in the field. 

MultiTech provides everything from sensors, to embedded communications devices, modems and gateways, cloud connectivity and device management services – as well as custom design and application development.

Radio Bridge Console
The Radio Bridge Console is an optional web-based fully integrated solution that provides sensor configuration, LoRaWAN Network Server management, configurable alerts and notifications and sensor visualization that enables you to deploy and validate your sensor-to-cloud solution immediately, without spending weeks or months on system integration efforts.


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