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Micro Developer/Programmer Kit - includes a development board, LoRa antenna, programming cable and Quick Start Guide

The mDot™ Micro Developer Kit is a micro developer and programming board. This portable USB LoRa developer kit is available in the form of a USB dongle, allowing a developer to plug in a mDot, mDot EVB or mDot Box and start developing their own application.  Its portable design makes it ideal for connecting to a laptop and doing range testing of the LoRa® network.  Kit includes a development board, LoRa antenna and Quick Start Guide.

Developer support and resources are available at

LoRaWAN Sensors

Create New Applications Efficiently

Using the MultiTech mDot Micro Developer Kit to develop industrial IoT applications on a LoRa network is easy. In addition to its convenient form factor, this development kit is compatible with the Arm Mbed platform, allowing libraries to be stored directly on the hardware.

All MultiTech mDot family Devices:

  • Allow for secure application development
  • Utilize bi-directional data communication
  • Offer deep in-building penetration
  • Help to reduce material costs
  • Streamline development


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