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xDot Micro Developer Kit - Includes a 915 MHz xDot

The xDot­® Micro Developer Kit is a USB dongle that allows a developer to plug in a MultiTech xDot and start developing their application. Its portable design makes it ideal for connecting to a laptop and doing range testing of the LoRa network. This LoRa USB dev kit includes a development board, xDot, integrated LoRa antenna and Quick Start Guide.

Developer support and resources are available at

LoRaWAN Sensors

Develop IoT Applications Quickly & Easily

All xDot devices are Arm® Mbed™ compatible, allowing users to store and access libraries directly on the hardware. This platform allows for innovative application development that leverages the xDot’s edge intelligence, nearly anywhere. 

All xDot family devices:

  • Designed with security
  • Provide bi-directional data communication
  • Allow deep in-building penetration
  • Reduce material costs
  • Offer reduced complexity
  • Make development easier


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